MySundayPhoto family time

We’ve been enjoying our little bits of family time since I went back to school. Going back to school has actually meant that I’ve had very little time for anything other than marking and planning lessons.

It means that I’ve barely even thought about blogging (apart from to tell everyone about my finalist spot at the Mumandworking awards)!

I’m trying to get myself refocused and back in the mood! So what better way to start than with a couple of just gorgeous snaps from out family time yesterday.




MySundayPhoto – Cherish

Cherish your loved ones and do not take them for granted. Following a devastating accident near us yesterday, I can only share one message today which is this. A plane which crashed on to a packed dual carriageway, just 40 minutes or so after we’d driven through has utterly altered the lives of so many people this weekend. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Here’s a photo from the wedding that we were at yesterday when we were reminded of life’s precious nature and the wonderful relationships that can be enjoyed if you allow yourself.


MySundayPhoto – My Boys


These are my two boys…the big one is the hubby, the little one is Sprog. Just to make sure we’re all clear.

We have had a few weekends that have been absolutely wonderful. I haven’t had much work to do and whilst hubby has been studying and revising, he’s been taking some time off at weekends to come out and play with us.

We had a spontaneous dinner out and this is the wonderful view that I had…my boys in all their goofy wonder and their love for each other.


At the Pier


This photo just makes my heart melt. It’s from Bank Holiday when we’d just leave the Sealife Centre. It was our first day out as a family in ages.

I love how it represents the strong bond between my two boys, that they just love being together and playing, that they make me smile all the way through and that they are just perfect.


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