The sustainability of a name

I’ve just read an article that claims that around half of parents regret their choice of names for their children at some point. Having read some of the examples they found, I can’t say that I blame them but then I would never have chosen those names in the first place.

There’s the twins who were just given letters as names, there’s those named after famous sporting hero’s, and as a teacher, I’ve often come across some where you wonder what the thought process was.

Admittedly, one of the reasons sounded a little familiar. Some parents chose names for their unique nature and later found out that it had proved a popular choice with other parents that year too.

A couple of months after sprog arrived, I was again looking at pointless articles online (possibly during a nightfeed) and came across the top 100 names of the year… I was horrified to see his name in at number 62! We thought we’d chosen a really unique name. Later, at our early Parenting group, we then met another mama and sprog combo with the same names as us! I cannot explain how shocked we were (needless to say they were great people so our names must be indicators of amazing people!).

Despite these things, I honestly have no regrets about the name we chose. I love it. He is my little star. He is my light and my happiness. And he and his name are perfect. And I’m not sure that I can understand how you might think that your little ones name isn’t perfect but nevermind.