MySundayPhoto -Murder mystery


Obviously, what happens in a hen do stays on a hen do…mainly! And except when you have a blogger in your midst.

So whilst I won’t be sharing too many secrets of the hen, I am going to share a little snippet with you.

The photo above shows the wonderful combined DIY talents of Mr Tesco and myself with a sticky label attached to some trophies for….. Our murder mystery prizes. I can share that some of the costumes put together were outstanding and some of the girls put in a tremendous effort to maintain French accents all evening.

In the end, we couldn’t split two characters so we gave them one each!

Having never done a murder mystery before last night, I’d definitely recommend it but maybe not for 25 people at once on your first go…I was running the show and only managed one major mess up so I was pretty darn impressed with that!


MySundayPhoto Party time


A rare shot of me with Sprog at a first birthday party. He made me so proud as he ran around playing with a great big smile on his face in a room full of people that he doesn’t know.

I’m linking up to OneDad3Girls with this little post.

It’s also been my first Blogiversary this week so if you’ve been following me, there’s a thank you for you over here.