Extra, Extra


Extra, Extra … This is “extra” for me as it’s the first time I’ve taken part in one of the WordPress challenges but having noticed it on another blog as I was procrastinating earlier, I thought it was one that I might have a go at.

“Extra” special… I took this photo on Friday as I managed to get a quick sit down in the garden, after school, on my own, before the boys got in.  To me, this time was “extra” special as I’d had a bit of a funny, odd week. I hadn’t really been motivated at work…my magic mama streak had worn off. I couldn’t muster the energy to plough through the 75 essays on the abolition of slavery by year 8, I couldn’t pluck enough enthusiasm from thin air to really want to teach Year 9 about the division of Europe and Berlin during the Cold War, and I definitely didn’t have the will power to summon much positivity towards designing computer games with Year 8 in IT.  So my little sit in the garden gave me some time; time to appreciate the loveliness of the world.

I often wonder if I overuse the word “lovely”… but I think that when you are looking at everyday occurrence’s and life’s simple pleasures then “lovely” can be the perfect little adjective to say it was just so!