The truth about dropping a nap

If I could use one word to describe the changes to my world since become a parent, there are many options and the vast majority are super duper positive, however, if I’m honest the biggest word is ‘tiredness’.  I’m sure (or rather I hope) that I am not the only one who feels this but the utter and complete tiredness is sometimes overwhelming and all-consuming and my boy sleeps all night.


In my mind there are 2 different ways that my days pan out and each has a different rhythm to it… either way I end up collapsed in a heap at the earliest possible opportunity.

Day 1 – a work day

I work hard all day seeing up to 175 different kids each day all with their individual quirks, I plan their lessons, deliver them, mark their work, tell them how to improve, badger them about revising, ring their parents when they aren’t little angels and go to meetings. Then I get home, feed us all and play before crashing out.

Day 2 – Play day

7 am start, milk, breakfast, play, nap. Go out probably to the shops, park, beach, local attraction and have lunch along the way, nap. Play, have dinner, bath and bed.

Both busy world’s but there’s a rhythm, a plan … until … he doesn’t want 2 naps!!

The rules have changed on us… he has whipped them out from under our feet… and boy am I tired now?! (Sorry people with actual babies… when they get to toddler’s, you actually get more tired!)

How does such a teeny tiny person have such boundless energy?!

How does he bounce around from the moment he wakes up until the minute his eyes close?!

How does so much food fit into such a little belly?! Wait… that’s because it expands to the size of a football and waits for him to start running it off!

3  2

Boundless energy and a belly full of pizza and ice cream

Now, when he keeps going in the morning, he goes right through until after lunch. At least 5 straight hours of squealing, giggling, belly laughing, tantrum throwing, eye rubbing, refusing to sleep toddlerdom!

Then when he does sleep, the peace is completely blissful.  Hubby and I don’t talk to each other. It is quiet. For somewhere between an hour and 2 1/2 hours, there is calm and serenity… and often Mama and Daddy naps. Without a predictable rhythm though my world has been turned upside down.


More adventure time at the model railway.

There are many wonderful things about him having less nap time.  It does mean that whilst hubby and I both work full time, we now get bigger slots of solid play time and adventure time with Sprog which is a massive bonus. I get to see more of his smiles.  I get ‘quiet time’ snuggles on the sofa where he curls in right around my side and leans on me which melts my heart.

BUT I have less time to do the housework (I do occasionally do some despite common beliefs), less time to do marking, less time to chill out, less time to exercise and this ultimately means that I have to do it once he’s gone to bed in the evening meaning that I get LESS SLEEP and that, is not ok by me!  Just wait, how will I feel when he (*shudders*) stops napping altogether!!

How about you? I used to get at least 8 hours sleep and use less energy in the day, how do you cope if you’ve got a toddler to entertain?


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And then the fun began...

Mama vs germs!


This week has been a losing battle for me against the baby germs.

I fought hard but my body succumbed and let the germs in … result… one goopy eyed mama monster!

Great news is that sprog never actually got very poorly, a couple of sticky moments on Saturday cleaned out nicely and he was fine.  On the other hand, I have woken up eyes stuck together for 3 days in a row now, the antibiotics seem to have finally taken away the red tinge to my eyes and a day of sitting in a darkened room has given them some rest.

My darling delightful students has 2 reactions to my hugely puffed up eyes. A) ask if I was ok? Had I been crying? Was everything ok? B) Laugh at my face.  The majority chose option B. I don’t blame them. 

My lovely colleagues had less options – they pretty much all chose to laugh/smile/try not to laugh or smile at me.  A couple then asked if I was ok.

Well, yes after my day of sitting/sleeping in a darkened room, I think I might be winning the fight against the baby germs.  I definitely feel recharged and a bit more alive, and then I realised that the last time I was able to sleep that much was July… pre-sprog…and that’s quite a long time ago!

Yippee for sleep!