My secret santa gift

So a while a go the lovely Victoria at MylittleL organised a Secret Santa for a few of us blogger types.

When we got our names drawn and given to us, I did have a bit of an anxiety moment but I do hope that my giftee (is that correct terminology?!) is pleased with their pressie…I’m waiting to see their reaction still.

We agreed to post gifts ahead of time so that we had them to open today (Christmas eve) so here is the gift that I received.


Firstly, what beautifully packaging is this?! It did inspire me into presenting our gift bags a little nicer as we prepared them this evening.


As I got to this point, I was genuinely giddy and a little excited!



And ta dah! This beautiful little mirror is absolutely darling and so cute. It’s so wonderfully made and such care has gone in to it.

So, whoever you were, thank you very much to my Secret Santa #ssbloggers14. And a tremendously big thank you to Victoria for organising, I’ve really enjoying linking up with some new bloggers.

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope that you all have a marvellous few days xxx

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Why I’m rubbish at Secret Santa’s

image This is the mad, uncertain and crazy ramblings of my brain. I am part of a group of bloggers doing a secret santa…eeeeee….squeaks and squeals…how exciting?!?!

However, I remembered, as I was linked up to my blogger, that I am terrible at Secret Santa’s. I never know if the person actually likes it…if they actually think it’s funny (answer = probably not, I’m not sure who thinks I’m funny)…if they actually think it’s lovely. See in my group of girls we do Secret Santa every year (there are 12 of us and otherwise Christmas is stoopid expensive), but in the group I am not the ‘funny’ one, the ‘witty’ one, the inappropriate but hilariously ‘rude’ one nor the ‘considerate’ one who knows everyone inside out…the result?! Self doubt and questioning. And welcome to the whirlwind that is my brain.

I can only hope that the lovely lady who is on the receiving end of my still undecided present, appreciates the thought…whether it be an attempt at funny or genuine kindness… Let’s hope she can even work out what I’m aiming for!!

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