Sparkling gnashers!

“Your teeth are looking very white and sparkly today Miss” No way?!?! What are the chances of this.  I giggled and exclaimed that I had recently been sent some whitening toothpaste to review. This was how a conversation with one of my more observant colleagues the other day – it took the rest of them 3 days to realise that I’d had a fairly large amount of hair cut off at the weekend so you’ll understand why someone noticing my teeth is a big deal!


I had been using White Glo for about a week when my sparkling gnashers were noted. It is an extra strength whitening toothpaste which includes mouthwash.  An odd concept to me as I thought that mouthwash was meant to swirl and twirl in all of the places that a brush wouldn’t reach.  I was also suspicious of the taste.  I don’t really like any flavour or brand of mouthwash so was a little apprehensive.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. After the initial shock from my taste buds that I would dare to use something that didn’t pack an almighty minty punch, the taste is rather tame and that feels ok. The obvious thing that you want from a whitening product is for you and for others to notice that your smile now has a winning flash to it.  My teeth were not particularly discoloured to begin with so for someone to actually note a change, it must be doing something well.  My only compliant with this product is that sometimes I wake in the morning with a very dry mouth as I think the mouthwash element zaps the moisture from my mouth overnight.  A relatively small issue when you could have people actually noticing that you have whiter teeth!

I was sent White Glo to review for and you can find more about the products on their website.

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