The adventures of Button Bunny



This is Button Bunny and this is the week that he spent with us from Sprog’s nursery. At the weekend Button Bunny had some great snuggles with Sprog in the car and then with Mama and Daddy in the evening! He is very squishy and good for big cuddles.

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These are a few of the snaps of Button Bunny’s play time adventures over the weekend. We had he playing in the big blue boat with George, building towers at Nanny and Grandad’s house, playing with the train (which Sprog thought was hilarious!) and having a music lesson on the piano!

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We took Button Bunny to the park with us and he had a great time although it was very windy.  He particularly liked climbing the pirate ship and looking out over the sea!  We were very careful not to get him covered in sand at the park as he does have to go back to nursery.

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On Monday he went to Nanny’s with Sprog (we forgot him on Wednesday, oops!).  Sprog loved making him dance out to the car and then Mama got sent pictures of him investigating Button Bunny with the torch whilst she was at work!

We’ve loved having Button Bunny to stay and I’m not sure how Sprog will be about him going back to nursery in the morning, we’re just enjoying our last bit of play time together!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Fab feb half term week!

I love the school holidays as it means that whilst I get to spend time with Sprog, catch up with friends and maybe catch up/prepare some work, I also actually appreciate the lovely things that we do so I always make sure that I link up to #TWTWC in the holidays.

Saturday – ended up not being hugely exciting but I was extremely grateful for my parent’s house being a warm haven as we had plumbers in all day with windows and doors wide open!

TWTWC 1Sunday – because Saturday had been unpleasant and stressful, we made sure that we had our family time out. We hit the town for lunch at one of our favourite cafes, had a lovely walk along the seafront and hubby and Sprog played in the park together.  When we got in, Sprog and I did some painting and crafting.  I was super excited and posted about our Toddler Graffiti and Easter snap cards. (Photo is our Toddler Tula’s first outing!)

Monday – We had our lovely Mummy and toddler friends round in the morning and then Hubby’s cousin and her 2 boys in the afternoon.  The toybox felt very loved after it was almost completely emptied twice in one day!

Tuesday – Nursery day for Sprog and I went to the dentist. Exciting! I did some blogging and some decorating planning… seeing as we’ve decided not to move, I get to redecorate our bathroom and bedroom!

Wednesday – One of the most exciting days Sprog and I have had. We went to a local farm that I completely love and spend ages running around.  Sprog was so interested in all of the animals and the tractor this time.  He was clucking at the chicken’s and ‘oooing’ at the horses. He loved the horses who were “kissing” each other – he’s a big fan of kissing! Then we had lunch at Dunelm Mill (I know, pushing the boat out!) whilst we collected a few bits for the new look bathroom.  In the afternoon, we did some T-shirt painting and made a start on our Easter cards.



Thursday – Nursery day again.  I had planned to get all of my lessons sorted (or at least some) but had issues with remote access so ended up with no reports and no lessons planned which could be a problem on Monday morning! I did manage to mark a set of assessments and some of year 11 work too so not all was lost. I also did some sneaky planning for my trip to the Baby Show on Saturday!

Friday – We met up with an ex-colleague (my ex work wife!) and a colleague who is currently on maternity to play which was great fun and I love having a good catch up with this pair.  Work is not the same without them.

Saturday – I headed to the Baby Show in London.  I won’t worry about telling you about that now as I’ve got quite a few posts lined up about that!

All you need for now is to know that I had an amazing day out which included drinking on the train on the way home!

Anyway, I am truly grateful that I get the opportunity to have these whole weeks off with my little man.  It feels like our opportunity to reconnect and whilst it always makes me sad that I need to have time to reconnect with my own son, the joy and happiness that he gives me in one week will definitely keep me going. And it’s only 5 weeks until the Easter holidays anyway!

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The Saturday That Was Captured

Hello hello, it’s been a bit slow on the blogging front recently. Life has been getting away from us with work, looking after Sprog and various other bits and pieces.

It means that I’ve not even been snapping away as usual on my phone. I made sure that as we had a family day yesterday I did get snapping.

Looking at the lovely displays at our church Christmas fair with Daddy.

Eyeing up the nativity scene…not sure if there was a hint of jealousy… Sprog played Jesus last year!

Beautiful homemade bread from the fair.

One of our drawings to go into his nursery frames…Sprog is definitely a fan of the orange colouring crayon.

Pre bed time snuggles! He was a little cranky after his tooth started bugging him.

It’s not much but this was our beautiful lovely and very special family day.