International Day of Happiness 2014


I thought I should really write a blog today, after all, isn’t happiness what we are all striving for and in particular that’s why I started this blog – to help me find a balance and therefore find that happiness.

I struck me that my version of “happiness” has changed. Pre-sprog, “happiness” was finishing work early enough to watch some trashy telly with a big bar of chocolate, a glass of wine and an early night. It was spending time messing around with my girls or the hubby. It was just chilling out.

Post-sprog “happiness” can take many forms.

On a daily basis, it’s the small things that can make me happy. Less of a battle with the Weetabix, enough time to clean the highchair properly, a hot cup of coffee, a smile from sprog… The list goes on.

On a big scale, it’s so much harder to balance time for me (when he was born I still had time for swimming, now between preparing and cleaning up for everything in the day, there’s not time for that) with time for me and hubby (he gets in from work, I cook whilst he plays, sprog goes to sleep, we eat, he studies and I’ve started planning lessons for work) and the most important, quality play time for sprog.

You see I’m one of those mama’s… one of the crazy ones who likes to do stuff with her sprog so housework and all the boring things in life wait for when he’s asleep leaving very little time for me to chill out.

I read an article which said the average mum has 17 minutes to herself every week… I thought that sounded mad but I’m starting to feel myself head that way.

So on International Happiness Day, a day when I woke up feeling far from happy (I wanted to sleep!), my mission is to enjoy all the little things more and more. I laughed at the smear of Weetabix across his face this morning, revelled in the small victory of wiping it before it got stuck up and therefore avoiding his cross face, and finished the day with a yummy desert, in bed, in my PJs, at 8.30…Bliss!