First I was me, a rambling, slightly clumsy, chatty and upbeat girl.

Then I became a teacher, a firm but fair, work-my-bum off for the kids, overworked and underpaid History teacher.

In 2012, I became a wife, a reasonably competent at cooking, very organised, non-hoovering wife.

And then came the big one, in August 2013 I became a Mama. I’d say a trying-hard-to-do-my-best Mama.

And now, two of these worlds have collided – I have to be a Mama and a teacher! Sprog hits a different and interesting stage every day  where something a little bit new happens, where his personality is developing and shining through and where I really don’t want to leave him.

My maternity leave was a rollercoaster of emotion. I tried to form my own way of doing things from taking everyone’s advice on board and choosing what I thought was best for Sprog. We broke a few rules (in his own room well before 6 months) to make the most of having some couple time, I was swayed by Attachment Parenting but haven’t found it easy to go the whole way (and didn’t want to with some elements), I struggled to be ‘me’ and I laughed/cried uncontrollably at the wonderful moments I shared with Sprog.

And from Easter 2014, I had to balance all this with working full-time and doing the best job I can for my students too…..eeeeeeek!

My hope is that this blog will help me to focus on the positive achievements and ways that I have managed to create balance (or perhaps, redress the balance when it goes off!).

I am a full-time working mama and part-time blogger, with a 1 year old little boy Sprog, a fabulous husband and a very fluffy and lazy cat …and this how we are dealing with life!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Same here with the ‘attachment parenting’ (why does it need a label anyway?) but A was in her own room at 6 weeks as she slept through (well, till 7 months anyway she was a good sleeper, then there was a lot of falling asleep in my bed but hey ho!) and I definitely didn’t have a typical AP ‘natural’ birth, I had an elective C section!!

    We’re pretty similar it seems! plus I HATE hoovering!

    • It does seem that we are quite similar, I had an emergency c-section in the end so they even both arrived in a similar way.

      I’m trying with the whole concept of positive discipline now that sprog needs to start learning what it’s not ok to do but it’s proving quite hard…maybe I should write about that and see how other people do it!

  2. Hi there. ‘Experience is the best teacher’. Someone said that, and I believe it. So I guess it goes without saying that history (experience) teachers, somehow, are bound to being underpaid—no one can pay them enough for what they give. 🙂

    (PS: I’m a guy, so I’ll keep my mouth shut about the Mama thing)

  3. Great post – you’re so right, there are so many people trying to give new mums advice, think you’ve found the Holy Grail though – trust your own instincts, no-one knows your baby like you do! Good luck with the return to work, it may take a while but I am sure it will all come together! x

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