Sprog’s 18 month update

Wowsers! 18 months old, I know we all say this but I don’t know how that is possible! Sprog has been far from a baby for what feels like a long time now but he is most definitely a little boy now and becoming his own person very quickly.  I’ve never done an update like this on him before but it seems like such a big turning point between baby time and the future.


1Sprog loves dancing! A few of my favourite moves include the spinning clap and the wobbly knees (where he starts bouncing up and down and then seems to lose control of his knees). The latter is certain to render me useless in fits of giggles every time as he looks so serious whilst he’s doing it.

  • He is drawing now. I find this very exciting. We’ve crossed the line from banging the table with a crayon in hand which creates dots on the page and are firmly into holding the crayon and making deliberate lines on the page. These are normally very straight and go up and down the page repetitively.
  • Repetitive is a word that I would use to summarise Sprog’s actions at the moment. He’s always doing the same thing over and over again.  Whether it be stacking and unstacking cups, sorting his shapes into the box, reading books, or his current fav, buckling and unbuckling the clips on his highchair or booster seat.
  • He is watching Chuggington with much glee and excitement.  He doesn’t watch much tv at all so when we suggest this as an option, he gets super excited.
  • Bath time play includes a lot of splashing, pouring water on his head, finding his toes and washing his own tummy and then Daddy’s face!


  • “Hello” and “Bye” accompanied by a lovely little wave. “Bye” is often used after the person has disappeared from view!
  • “Teddy”
  • “Bubble” was the very first word
  • “One more”/ “No more” – these are both very close to recognisable by everyone else but at the moment just to us!
  • “P” for “please”, the last few days this has started to have more of an “lll” sound on the end.
  • “Uh oh” – the most commonly used phrase in our house at the moment! Sometimes it gets replaced by “oh dear” but this is a rare occurrence.



  • So this is less straight forward than it would have been at 12 months.  We did baby led weaning and I still believe it to be utterly brilliant but over the last couple of months, Sprog has become less tolerant of some foods. I think a lot of this has been down to various bugs (tonsillitis, chicken pox) and some epic teething.
  • He has a good bank of stuff that he will eat without fail – Pasta, noodles, cheese, yogurts and all kinds of fruit. Toast is usually a winner too.
  • Then there the foods that he occasionally loves. When he feels like it, he’ll scoff these; when he doesn’t, they get spat back out. They include eggs, mince, pitta bread, carrots and cereal.


  • Pretty much any book he can get his hands on.
  • He still loves the Baby Owl books by Jonathan Allen – ‘I’m not scared’ is always a favourite, especially when it’s just Mama doing bed time and I have to do the bear voice instead of Daddy.
  • He’s having an obsession with flap lifting and noise making books – we have a farm one that I too enjoy, and a Thomas one which I feel like throwing out of the window!



  • Sprog is still such a good sleeper. Sorry. I feel like I always have to apologise as I know so many small people don’t like to sleep as much as he does.
  • He sleeps from 7.30 p.m. until 6.30-7.00 a.m.
  • He will either have 2 1 hour naps during the day (a.m. and p.m.) or if we need to for timings that day, a larger nap midday.
  • He mostly sleeps his way through illness.  Whilst he has chicken pox at the moment, he is sleeping soundly and we are waking him up in the morning.  Last week though, the cough that preceded the pox had us all up a couple of times a night for a few nights straight and that was a shock to our systems.
  • I have no idea really how much sleep he should be having now, I just know that he is happy and content at the moment.  In my head I have this vague idea that he should be dropping naps by the time he is around 2 but I’m not really sure where this has come from so I’d be really interested to hear what your little ones do with nap time.

What these lists don’t get across to you is just what a happy, smiley and delightful little man my Sprog is. He has a great big beaming smile (inheriting my big mouth!) and a giggle that makes me laugh so hard.  The giggle is definitely less baby and more small person now as he totally belly laughs and can’t stop grinning at the same time.

He truly makes every day with him an absolute pleasure (apart from the tantrum filled ones) and whilst I have never been more tired, I have also never been so happy! I just can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for him!



Everything Mummy


Making progress


Making progress… 2 words that teachers live by. How do we know our students are ‘making progress’? By assessing their work, knowing them inside and out and by challenging them to be better.

The reality for your average Joe Bloggs teacher is that we know they are ‘making progress’ through their written work and for us that means marking and lots of it!

Now whilst I’ve gone back to work full time, I am lucky enough that we are a little overstaffed for the number of teaching hours in my department at the moment. That makes me the lucky one who isn’t currently teaching for a whole timetable and therefore has more non-contact time in school. But even I have marking to bring home still.

The reason I blog about this is not a rant and rave (it sucks, but I’ve known that since my first term nearly 5 years ago) but because today, in glorious sunshine, I sat and marked outside for the first time in 2 years.

It was like the first time you buy a Magnum each summer, or the first taste of a creme egg leading up to Easter, or your first mince pie of the season. The first time I got to mark outside!

It was extra special as last year I avoided the sun at all costs, a hazard of being really large and pregnant in the summer! I sat outside only when shaded and my swollen feet were in a bucket of icy cold water. But this year, it’s on! It was shorts, vest top, sexy sun hat and a pile of marking all the way! How wonderful?!?!