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I have been fascinated by the reactions that people have had to me when I was on maternity leave, when I was getting ready to go back to work, and now that I am back at work. I find that some people are very judgemental about how they expect families to work. Well, I’ve got news for you everyone, we’re all different, we all have different needs and that is one of the amazing things about us.

My aim is to share the stories of families of all different types and spread the word that we are all playing a #BalancingAct to get through and raise our little people the best way we can. Let’s celebrate the diversity between our families, let’s not judge each other.

So, this week it’s over to Ashley at When The Dust Settles.

1. Tell me about your family

As a family we are a modern one, in the respect that I have two children from a previous relationship (both boys) and while they do not live with us they are still considered 100% brothers to my daughter, the term Blended family is used a lot these days and I guess that is what we are, but the reality is it is just family. I am lucky in that the boys love Zoe (she’s usually the good cop) and adore their baby sister (they also have a half brother the other way so it all works out) and as we sya there are no halves.

Ashley - when the dust settles

2. What was your job/position before you started your family?

Data Centre Operator and it still is (although a different company now).

3. What was your work-life balance like?

I’m lucky my work life balance has never been too bad, being a shift worker, and the way my shifts work out I only actually work 14 out of 28 days (12 hour shifts mind you) 7 will be days and 7 nights so I have a lot of time off, especially during the week to spend with the family. Oh and I don’t do overtime.

(The next few questions are a bit odd for a dad answering but nevermind!)

4. How did you find being away from work when you were on maternity leave?

Well it was paternity leave being a dad and it was only a week I think, unfortunately I don’t get paid if I don’t work, so couldn’t take much more off but I was around as much as possible.

5. Have you returned to some kind of work since having baby and how did you come to that decision?

I never left 🙂

6. How (if at all) has work changed since you returned (if you did)?

Nope, nothing has changed.

7. Describe your work-life balance now in 3 words.

Could be Worse.

8. This might be difficult to answer, but are you happy with your work-life balance?

Not really I hate having to go to work at night when the family is settling in for the evening, and if I’m honest I would rather be around 24/7 to be there in case the kids need me, work is not my motivation in life, the kids are.

9. Would you change anything about the family and work balance that you currently have?

If I could yes, I’d love to work from home (or become rediculously wealthy) either one would do. I don’t mind work in terms of doing stuff, I just wish I could do it with my family around me.



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#MySundayPhoto 11th Jan


This is my Sprog, ‘lifting’ his Daddy. Poor hubby and his thighs played this game all the way from the bathroom to Sprog’s room much to the amusement of Sprog.
He’s only 17 months and just getting so tall and grown up all of a sudden.
What do you or your partner do which makes your little one hysterical with giggles?!

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