My highlights from The Baby Show

I don’t know if you heard but last Saturday I got to go to The Baby Show at Londons ExCel and I was super excited and spent loads of time getting myself ready. I even did a post on what I wore on the day!

At the show there was a sea of people at the show and I must say that I was incredibly glad that I had not taken Sprog with me. He would not have found it interesting, he would not have napped and therefore would have been cranky. I loved seeing so many people with their baby bumps and their teeny tiny tots, and I’ll happily admit that it may have made me a little bit broody!

One of my colleagues, who would like to have a baby, came with me and she found the show very useful for seeing all the different products on offer but also to have me telling her what’s a useless gimmick and what is actually useful.

I could rave all day about some of the people I spoke to and the products I saw but I thought I’d just pick out my 3 top highlights!

1 – The Baby Case

I don’t know about you but we’ve travelled with Sprog, when he was only 8 months old, to the USA. No mean feat I’m telling you. Leanne who is behind this product was so friendly and I just loved the product.  It’s an amazing suitcase and backpack combo which has great sections and divisions in it to put everything for easy access and so that you can see it.  The backpack on it’s own would be spectacular for every day use as I have resorted to a normal rucksuck with Sprog as I hated not being able to find anything in changing bags but it’s still dark instead and stuff gets squished!


2 – Your Baby Can Learn

I heard Dr Robert Titzer speak on the main stage late Saturday afternoon and not being one to spontaneously spend money on unexpected items, I surprised myself by dashing straight to the stand and purchasing the 4 level kit.  Dr Titzer has developed a programme which helps babies and toddlers to recognise words to therefore develop their ability to learn later in life. Without getting too much into it, most of the brain’s neural pathways develop in the first 3 years of one’s life so the more new and complex words that you are introduced to in that time frame, the more likely you are to find learning easier as you get older. He suggests that babies should be hearing 100’s of new words every day…try it… it’s really difficult! Sprog has been listening to us, watching the DVD and playing with the card sets since last Sunday and I can already see a difference in his responses. He’s not verbalising everything yet but he’s been really keen with the animal noises this week and is making far more indication that he recognises and can identify body parts.

Dr Titzer    ybcl_4_level_retail_box_front_magento-295x300

3 – Theodora’s Children’s Charity

I loved the work and the ideals that these guys are striving to achieve and I have already been looking to do something in collaboration with them in the future but for now let me leave you with Dr Snug and myself looking super cool!


There will be a few more posts coming up from other people that I met and keep an eye out for my post about the Work and Family show which I found by far the most inspiring section of the show.

What’s in my handbag?!


I’m so excited. I’m off to The Baby Show at the ExCel in London tomorrow. I’ve been preparing and getting organised during nap times this week.

So here’s what’s going to go in my handbag.

– My new business cards (eek)
– My purse
– My trusty notepad
– Tickets are printed
– A floor plan with geeky notes on for the brands that I would like to visit.
– My phone charger if I can manage to squish in it.
– Also my make up if I can squish that in.

Only problem is that as of yet I don’t have a handbag that will even vaguely fit this all in. Hopefully, I can find time to get out and get one this afternoon, if not I’m dreading having to take the toddler friendly backpack on my grown up day out!