Doctor Sprog is in the house!

One of the gifts in my goody bag from BritmumsLive in the summer was a kids magazine with some freebie toys attached. At the time Sprog was not 2 yet and I felt that they were a little small for him still.

This week however, I finally cracked them out and oh my…did he love them?!  The set included a stethoscope, some stickers shaped like plasters, a tube of medicine which Sprog quickly identified as being ‘cream’, a notepad and pen, along with a thermometer. I’m sure that if you don’t have these things lying around that you could compromise… How about a cardboard thermometer or a cheapy notepad from a pound shop?!

I’d managed to get home a little bit before Sprog was dropped home when I set this up for him to play and I labelled different areas of the lounge with signs saying “Medicine cupboard”, “Waiting room”, “Doctor Sprog’s room”. I didn’t even have to say much when he walked in and saw it set up with a sofa full of patients quietly waiting.  His reaction was simply “Wow” before snatching up his stethoscope and getting to it.



It was fabulous to see Sprog letting his imagination go crazy. It turned out that Woody had a poorly knee which he needed a vast quantity of different colour plasters for… at one point, I did think that we might have to delve into my stash of actual plasters! He also had a temperature and was “Too hot” according to Doctor Sprog.


Sprog eventually turned his attentions to Makka Pakka and Jessie.  It seemed that Makmak (!!!) had a poorly tummy and needed a large amount of cream applying to his tummy and then he needed to drink some.  When it was Jessie’s turn, I was charged with writing Doctor Sprog’s notes for him so that he could keep them in his pink doctor tub afterwards.  Jessie had an unfortunate accident where she’d fallen/been pushed off the sofa! After further investigation Doctor Sprog found that she too had hurt her knee… cue more plasters! I was convinced she’d hurt her face and needed a plaster there but Doctor Sprog was adamant that this was not the case!


My favourite bit of this imaginative play was that Sprog led the whole session once I’d set it up and I just did want I was told! It was great to see the change in his thinking and this kind of play is what I had been craving since he was about 18 months old. Now we’re here, I blooming love it!  I think it helped him that our cat had been poorly (only a couple of teeth taken out, nothing too major) recently so we’d already been using some of the vocabulary needed.

I was also amazed when Hubby took Sprog to the out of doctors with him on Saturday morning.  He took his stethoscope with him and as he sat down in the Doctor’s room with Hubby and he told the Doctor “My Daddy poorly” … he is genuinely making my heart burst with pride at the moment with the developments in his speech and in his ability to recognise and empathise with other people’s emotions.

6 thoughts on “Doctor Sprog is in the house!

  1. What a lovely activity for imaginative/role play! Such a great way for children to develop skills. Thanks for sharing #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. Aw how lovely 🙂 great idea to set up different areas in the room, might steal this if that okay. I know Monkey would love it. You should try taking him to Ripley – Little Streets its a bit of a drive but I am sure he would love it xx #ToddlerApprovedTuesday xx

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