October – my month of domestication?

machineAfter one day at home, I have come over feeling all domesticated… something’s off. My mum (and husband) will potentially be shocked at my doodle because it shows some elements of an actual washing machine… my students would not be shocked… they are all fully aware of how little artist ability I possess.

By 4 p.m. today I had done washing, made dinner, written 2 reviews, tidied 2 rooms, and come up with several blog ideas…surprising efficient for one not feeling 100%.

I was feeling that I could be the type of person who doesn’t work, who keeps a tidy house, who has dinner ready at a reasonable hour (instead of realising at 7.30 p.m. that neither of us got anything out of the freezer this morning, again), who enjoys those things.

But I had this nagging feeling that something was missing… it was awfully quiet around the house, something I hadn’t experienced in a while… o wait… there was no Sprog! Fear not, I hadn’t left him somewhere, today is a nursery day which has meant that my soundtrack has been a wide range of chill out music to relax me to my very core. Not the usual toddler squawking that fills my bones whenever I am at home.

I love the toddler babble though, how can you not? I’m always left wondering 3 things. What is he thinking? What is he trying to say? Just how does he roll every ‘bbbbb’ that he makes when neither hubby nor I can?

I digress. I have a vague plan then that for the rest of this month I shall try to be a reasonably domesticated human being. Just because I’ve tidied the study and I now know where the dictionary I looked up ‘domesticate’. It says “accustom to housework”…hmmm. Not so sure about that any more. Why would I want to be accustomed to doing housework, it’s mainly boring. It’s just nice to do when the house hasn’t had any attention in the 5 weeks since I went back to school!

So I think I’ll give the vague concept of ‘domesticated’ a go, you know, the one where we just actually do the washing up and tidy up after ourselves straightaway rather than leave it. I don’t think the literal definition of ‘domesticate’ is really for me. And anyway, I’ve got some ideas for some blogs on some homely type stuff so that must count?!


One thought on “October – my month of domestication?

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